Red Impala Vehicle

Tularosa Municipal Schools is auctioning off our retired fleet of vehicles.

Bid opens March 29, 2022 and closes at 4pm no exceptions until  April 4, 2022. Please bring your bid in a sealed envelope to the central office located at 504 first street in Tularosa, New Mexico.  On the envelope we need your name address and phone number along with the vehicle you are bidding on.  The 2002 Blue Bird bus has a minimum of $3000.00.  The other vehicles have no minimum.  Winners of the Bid will  be notified and given  2 business days to complete the purchase with a check or cash payable to Tularosa Municipal Schools.  Vehicles may be viewed by appointment. Please call (575) 585-8800.

Bid opens March 29, 2022  until April 4, 2022 4pm